Can I Make My Own Lubricant At Home?

April 26th, 2010 by aloe Leave a reply »

jarWe recently were asked if you can make your own lubricants at home. The answer is a resounding YES! And, we’d start with some of the ideas we’ve written about before that help reactivate your own natural juices. If you’re looking for a little extra juice, you definitely can make your own lubricants at home. But be careful and put safety first. If you’re using oils, they can cause condom damage. Be even more careful about allergies (just imagine the reaction when things you’re allergic to go into or on sensitive areas). Watch out for nasty bacteria that can get on and into your ingredients while you make it or bottle it, they can cause some serious unintended consequences. And, be sure you store your lubricant properly; depending upon what you use, your lubricant may have a short shelf life.

There are several things which are great lubricants that don’t require any “home brewing,” at all, like raw aloe (see our previous post on backyard aloe as a personal lubricant). Other popular ingredients for a “home brew” include coconut oil and flaxseed oil (these are both oils, so aren’t compatible with condoms). As with anything you are going to put on or in your body, no matter what you try, make sure it’s compatible with your body and you aren’t allergic. And, for those of you looking to ensure safety, keep the spontaneity (who wants to brew on demand during that magic moment) and avoid frigid moments (imagine a lube you’ve had refrigerated, yikes!), remember that are great alternatives that are already “As Natural As Nature”, such as Aloe Cadabra!

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