Corporate Responsibility and Lubricant

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Lubricants have so many helpful purposes besides the obvious. Unfortunately, those who most need it are often the same people who either don’t have the access or the knowledge that not all lubes are “created equal.” They have no idea that although some lubricants may give them the necessary “slickness” in the moment, it’s actually working to against the body’s natural balances or drying them out.

This is one of the many reasons why we’re so proud to be able to support service providers and not for profit organizations who work so hard to address issues arising from things such as chemotherapy, menopause, child birth, hormone disruption, vulvodynia, and other important health and gynecological issues.

In the past year alone, Aloe Cadabra has committed to providing more than $100,000 in donations of its lubricant – aside from offering great educational resources – to various groups and causes. It is part of our commitment to being a responsible Corporate Citizen and one of the things from which we take the greatest satisfaction.

We always have an eye out for other great organizations to support, and we’ve found that our best sources for outreach are those who already know and love our wonderful Aloe Cadabra products. So if you happen to know of a great cause who could benefit from our support, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

Rachel Carson- Honoring a Trailblazer

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be_the_changeThere’s a strong chance that most everyday people have never heard of Rachel Carson, but there’s no question in my mind that you’ve reaped the benefits of her labor.

Considered to be one of the founders of the Modern Environmental Movement, her book, Silent Spring, drew attention and concerns to the potential damage pesticides like DDT created. Although it was initially met with anger and skepticism, people started to look more closely at the relation between chemicals and the world we live in.

Thanks to her hard work and the efforts of other like minded people, the US Environmental Protection Agency was formed. She was even given the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously by Jimmy Carter. She became the change she wanted to see in this world. She also spawned many groups whose focus on health and safety have improved the quality of both lives and ingredients used in all manner of areas.

In our industry, the ripple effects of her efforts can be seen through Environmental Working Group. They publish a reputable list of body care ingredients and formulas along with their toxicity at as well as publishing a wide host of guides on food, cosmetics and other things that will keep us healthy. For us here at Aloe Cadabra, it was pioneers like her who encouraged us to bring natural, organic ingredients to an often overlooked, but very impactful item; lubricants. By the way, we scored the lowest possible score on their index, which is a very good thing.

We’d also like to recognize the World Health Organization who specifically studied personal lubricants and their health impacts and found that high osmolality and incompatible pH levels in many commonly used personal lubricants could cause secondary health issues including epithelial damage. Aloe Cadabra’s Osmolality and pH are both within the ranges they say make for an optimal lubricant. For more details about this report, click HERE.

We’re proud to be part of the movement to make the things we put on and in our bodies safer.  And, we’re proud to let you know about two great organizations publishing some great information that can help improve your health and well being.

Suitcase Essentials for Summertime Fun

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Image courtesy of imagerymagestic /


The word brings images of hot weather, cool beaches, and vacations. Kids are excited to enjoy the freedom that comes with the end of their school year and, hopefully, an awesome family vacation. June is also the most popular month for weddings, which means brides and grooms everywhere are looking forward to their upcoming honeymoons.

Regardless of which category you fall into, bags are getting packed, and much needed trips are being planned. Necessities need to be remembered. We recommend creating a list so that nothing important is forgotten at the last minute. It’s also important you know what items are permitted and prohibited by TSA. There’s often a big difference between what you’re allowed to carry on and what must be checked. Click HERE for the complete list of what items go where.

Most of us have become savvy enough travelers (Or we’ve watched Meet the Parents) to realize that all your essentials should go in your carry on. There’s less likelihood of it getting lost or left behind. Isn’t it great that Aloe Cadabra just happens to come in 2.5 oz. bottles with nondescript labels? Parents, newly marrieds, and lovers from everywhere can pack a bottle to help enhance their vacation and not concern themselves with what fellow travelers or airport security might think. In fact, there’s a strong chance that someone will think the bottle is to treat sunburn!

Pssst! By the way, it CAN treat sunburn. In fact, according to one of our followers, it can even treat bug bites. Check out this Tweet we received yesterday! What’s the most unique use of Aloe Cadabra that you’ve discovered? Tweet us with your discoveries and we’ll share them.



Why Aloe Cadabra? A Nurse’s Perspective

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Natural AloeAs often happens, my work and life recently intersected in a very interesting conversation I had with a nurse friend on the importance of choosing the right lubricant from a medical perspective. It was both relevant and compelling, so I asked her to join me on the blog to share her insights. Maybe some of her thoughts and feedback will help answer some questions you didn’t know you should be asking.

Me: Thanks so much for agreeing to take some time to share your thoughts, Natalie.

Natalie RN:It’s my pleasure. It wasn’t very difficult to see the benefits of your product in comparison to so many less healthy, more dangerous lubricants on the market.

Me: Which leads me to my first question. When I mentioned that Aloe Cadabra was all natural and made with 95% organic aloe, you immediately mentioned it’s healing properties. Would you care to elaborate?

Natalie RN: Sure! Not too long ago my husband had purchased a popular lubricant in an attempt to enhance our lovemaking. Although it was fun in the moment, I was left with an itchy sensation and vaginal dryness. It had put my pH balances out of whack. As women, it’s important that these levels are balanced. When they’re not we can experience anything from dryness, to irritation (like what I experienced), to infections. In fact, the older we get, the more important it becomes to maintain balance because we lose elasticity, dry out faster and often become more susceptible to the other symptoms. Add to that the fact that intercourse by nature tends to be rough, causing small contusions or cuts internally, aloe is perfect. It heals internal and external wounds, adds much needed moisture, all without creating a pH imbalance.

Me: That’s great, right?

Natalie RN: Absolutely. Thanks to my negative experience with your competitor’s lubricant, I did a bit of research and found some pretty disturbing things.

Me: Like?

Natalie RN: Like the fact that some of the other products out there actually contain harmful ingredients that can not only mess with pH balances, but have high osmolality, too. Now that’s really scary.

Me: How would you explain the importance osmolality to the everyday person?

Natalie RN: Why it’s important? How about this. High osmolality in products like lubricant, for example, can cause vaginal and tissue damage, leaving a person more vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections and HIV, for starters. It seems like some of the most popular lubricants double, triple, or more the acceptable osmolality levels. Considering that lubricants are used on condoms and during intercourse, I’m sure you can imagine how scary the danger can be.

Me: Aloe Cadabra stacks up pretty well in this department. Our osmolality levels are pretty even with the vagina’s natural levels. In fact, readers wanting more details should click HERE to learn more. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Are there any other benefits you think our readers would like to know about?

Natalie RN: Well, besides being good for you, natural, and organic, this product is especially useful for pregnant and older women. Not to discount the youth, but as I mentioned before, the aloe has healing properties. A friend who is pregnant for the first time came to me to ask if the need to be stretched out “down there” to create an easier delivery was a myth. I told her that it definitely aids in preventing unnecessary tearing. After learning about Aloe Cadabra, I went back and recommended the product. Not only it make the practice stretches she and her husband plan on doing easier, the healing properties of aloe will absorb into her walls, helping her. The same is true for older women as they experience dryness.

Me: And the fact that it’s edible is just icing on the cake, right?

Natalie RN: Absolutely!

“O” is for Organic

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© Sierpniowka | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free ImagesA person would almost have to be under a rock these days to have not heard the word organic. Go to the grocery store and one will find entire sections dedicated to organically grown fruits, veggies, meats, and even cleaning supplies.

But what does organic really mean? When dealing with meats it means that no growth hormones or antibiotics were used. For plants, no conventional pesticides, fertilizers, radiation, or other unnatural products were used.

In other item like health, beauty, and skin care products it means that the ingredients are derived from plants and do not use synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or harmful pesticides. In fact, in many of the most popular lubricants, these chemicals can cause all sorts of imbalances in the vaginal area.

However, products like aloe vera promote healing, and not just for the skin issues like sunburns and cuts. It promotes healing from within, from the minor tears that occur with intercourse to aiding with vaginal dryness, a common occurrence that occurs with aging, and so much more.

John Gray, Ph.D., the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, recently discussed the healing properties of our certified organic lubricant made with 95% organic aloe vera. Click HERE to see what he had to say.

Celebrating No More Dirty Looks’ Siobhan O’Connor!

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Congratulations to Siobhan O’Connor, co-author of! She was named Editorial Director for Health at Time Magazine.

For years, like Horst Rechelbacher and other pioneers, Siobhan has championed clean beauty, “realizing that making safe, natural and responsible choices can be not only easy but also luxurious and—the part that matters most—effective.” We salute Time Magazine’s choice and look forward to her insightful input as she pushes to make cosmetics and lifestyle products safe from potentially dangerous chemicals.

We encourage you to visit Siobhan’s website,, follow her on Twitter at @siobhannyc, and pick up her book, No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. Curious to know what she thinks of Aloe Cadabra? Click here to check out what she had to say all the way back in 2012, when we were just being discovered. 

Make Mama Happy

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Make Mama Happy http://aloecadabra.com___________________

Want to Make Mama Happy?      Give her lube.

Seriously. The right lubricant can make a big difference in helping moms maintain a fulfilling and pleasurable love life.  That’s because mothers have 3 extra challenges when it comes to maintaining their natural moisture.

Challenge #1:  Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. All of these wonderful stages of motherhood have a not-so-delightful side effect: they can cause a woman’s estrogen level to plummet. The result: vaginal dryness. Sex during these times can be uncomfortable, even painful.

Challenge #2:  Stress. Having to manage kids along with a career, household, marriage, and all the other stuff in your life can be hard on her body and tough on her nerves. And stress happens to be one of the primary causes of vaginal dryness.

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Why All The Shyness About Dryness?

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photo provided by photostock/

photo provided by photostock/

Flashback: Circa 1951, iconic sitcom, I Love Lucy, is on TV.  This is a time when having television meant you had a total of three channels to watch because there were only three networks.  And all programming was shown in black and white (weird, right?).

In this particular I Love Lucy episode, on screen (and off, actually,) married couple Lucy and Ricky Ricardo are off to bed – both are in menswear style pajamas of long pants, long sleeved button-down oversized shirts.

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Safe Sex 101: Beyond the Condom….

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What women don’t know (but think they do) can really hurt them.

Sex, desire, intimacy, connection, pleasure…most of us really enjoy it and always seem to want to learn how to make it better – but how about safer?

Practicing safe sex with partners goes without saying but what we want to talk about with our readers is being safer in ways that have a different impact on the body. Time and again, women consider a variety of approaches to spice up or enhance their sexual experience…toys, films, costumes and products, including massage oils, aphrodisiacs and lubricants, those fun potions we keep in our trusty “goody drawers.”

For some women, choices are made by determining what will make them blush the least, typically selecting a bottle of personal lubricant from the drug store shelves. But what we do we really know about the potion inside the bottle?

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(Internal) Beauty At Every Age

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Pass any newsstand or stand in line at the grocery store and jumping out at you from the sea of monthly beauty, fashion, and lifestyle magazine covers will be at least one glossy with the the content teaser Beauty At Every Age.

A wealth of tips, tricks and layouts showing women everywhere, everything from the 20-year-olds, “how to dress more sophisticated” to the 60’s plus set on “how to rock their Not My Daughter’s Jeans”– to the 30-year-olds “correct sun damage with at-home glycolic peels” to the 40-year-olds garnering education on “new, painless spider vein therapy.” It’s truly fantastic; there’s a treasure trove of constant, vital information at our finger tips for women of any age.

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